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Success Story – Cheyne

Before I started the FLM program, my weight had slowly crept up to 122 kg. Summer was fast approaching and I just wanted to feel good about myself again. I've [...]

Success Story – Diab

Hi I'm Diab, 29 from Sydney.... I'm a performer and dancer.... Being as amazing as I am in the kitchen, I put on a lot of weight after getting injured [...]

Success Story – Pearlyn Rae

Hi I'm Pearlyn, My job, which is awesome, is to play and test video games all day. Although I love it, I'm sitting around all day online. I heard about [...]

Success Story – Rachael

When I started the FLM program I set a pretty big target of 8kg to lose in 6 weeks. I big goal I know!! A week after stating my program a [...]

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We have helped to transform so many lives

Here are just a few…

I have lost a total of 5.5 kilos of body fat and gained lean muscle with a total drop from 34% body fat to 26% in 6 short weeks.
I have signed up for another round and am getting ready for my wedding in 8 weeks time…. We can’t wait to see the results.
I have lost 6 kilos and dropped from 20% bodyfat to 13% bodyfat.
While still enjoying pizza and wedding cake tastings, i am a testament to the fact that a simple dietary plan that fits in with your lifestyle can cause dramatic fat loss.
I very quickly saw my mid section body fat disappear,lost 5 kg in 6 weeks, my energy come back and strength levels increase at a rapid pace.
I continue to follow the program guidelines and am getting leaner by the day and still get to go out on weekends and have fun.
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